Wages On Demand for happy,
healthy, productive employees

ZayZoon gives employees access to the wages they've earned between pays
and financial education to improve financial literacy. This leads to increased
financial wellness, which is fundamental to overall wellness.


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What is 


Wages when they are needed.

ZayZoon aligns income with the rhythm of modern-day expenses which increases financial control during emergencies. ZayZoon creates happier, healthier and more productive employees via increased financial wellness and reduced stress which in turn increases employee work productivity.

ZayZoon revolutionizes productivity and financial health at work

ZayZoon helps employees align their income
with the rhythm of modern-day expenses.

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Why Use 

ZayZoon W

Flexible Wages Improve Financial Management

ZayZoon's Wages On Demand employees to manage their finances. Monthly payment of wages causes uneven spending patterns, often on unnecessary purchases that leave people financially depleted at the end of the pay period. This can cause them to seek unhealthy high-interest loans that ultimately increase their financial stress.

Getting started is easy for companies.

Get started in days, not months.

Once implemented, employees can access their Wages On Demand and sign-up for ZayU, our financial wellness education platform. ZayZoon provides employers with meaningful insights on app usage and the positive impact ZayZoon has on your workforce.

Early Access to Wages

Improve your workplace productivity and help your employees avoid unnecessary loans, overdrawn charges and banking fees.

Promote Financial Understanding

Employee stress less about their finances when using ZayZoon's financial wellness with automated actions.

Incredible Support

We take any and all support off your plate with our average response time of  less than 10 minutes.

Our Corporate Partners

Getting started is easy for employees.

Set up an account in a few simple steps.

Once implemented inside an organisation, employees can set up an account in a few minutes. Accounts are often authorised immediately and ready for use. Then users can simply login, select the amount they need, the account they want it to go to, and the funds are transferred instantaneously.

Easy Set Up

Sign up takes less than 2 minutes

Low Cost

$5 fee for each advance


Immediate dispersal to employee's bank account

Forward Thinking

Financial literacy platform and smart suggestions

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ZayZoon Uni is an online learning platform that helps anyone develop and improve their financial knowledge to achieve personal and professional goals

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When it comes to improving the financial health of workers, all employers have a key role to play.

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