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Wages-On-Demand for happy,
healthy, productive employees

ZayZoon improves employee financial health
with responsible financial products.

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Earnings, instantly.

ZayZoon lets employees to access their earned wages early. ZayZoon is can be accessed online from any web-enabled device, or download the ZayZoon app.

The funds are sent directly to you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

$5 flat fee

GST included. No credit check.

They're your wages - you've earned them. Now you can access them when you need them.

Ask your employer about ZayZoon at your work!

Increase Productivity

38% of employees say that financial stress become a distraction at work. By giving employees a way to smooth their cash flow, employees will be less stressed and more productive.

Increase Retention

Give your employees an added benefit that they’ll use and appreciate. ZayZoon is a proven tool for staff retention and recruitment for organizations of all sizes.

Provide Social Impact

2.5 million of Australians are financially stressed according to AMP. Give your employees an education platform and useful financial tool to combat debt and improve financial health.

Reduce Admin Costs and Improve Cash Flow

Give out advances? ZayZoon provides the funding, so your working capital isn't disrupted! Also the entire process is automated thus admin is reduced.

ZayU. Financial Wellness that works.

With ZayU, employers have a financial health platform that provides employees understanding of their finances through tools including Overdraft Prediction, Spending Behavior, Banking Insights and Interactive Financial Education.

Getting started is easy for companies.

Get started in days, not months.

Once implemented, employees can access their Wages On-Demand and sign-up for ZayU, our financial wellness education platform. ZayZoon provides employers with meaningful insights on app usage and the positive impact ZayZoon has on your workforce.


Early Access to Wages

Improve your workplace productivity and help your employees avoid unnecessary loans, overdrawn charges and banking fees.

Promote Financial Understanding

Employee stress less about their finances when using ZayZoon's financial wellness with automated actions.

Incredible Support

We take any and all support off your plate with our average response time of 10 minutes.

Reviews that speak for themselves

The first time I used ZayZoon I wadesperate to pick up some much needed medication that's critical to my health and can'be missed...I signed up and immediately received enough funds to pick up my prescription. I was in tears, I was so grateful I saw that sign about your service. A literal life saver that dafor me. My next payday was 6 days away and there would have been serious implications for my health without this advance."

Dena M.

When it comes to improving the financial health of workers, all employers have a key role to play.

Share your contact information and business size and we'll be in touch within 1 day.

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