Beyond COVID-19:Financial relief program to assist employees

COVID has impacted families who were financially fragile before the pandemic.

As Australia recovers from the economic impact of COVID-19, employees will need additional help to navigate through uncertain times in the financial aftermath.

Surveys indicate that employers are one of the most trusted groups in society. They play a vital role in the lives and wellbeing of their employees.

ZayZoon Protects Against Negative Debt Spirals

• Avoid Costs: Flexible wages allow employees to manage expenses, take discounts and avoid penalties for late payment.
• Spend Wisely: Financial literacy programs help employees manage their wages wisely and effectively.
• Reduce Debt: Wage availability helps avoid high-cost financing like overdrafts, credit cards, cash advances and payday loans.
• Increase Savings: Reduced unnecessary penalty charges and interest costs increase available funds for savings.
• Advanced Financial Control: Greater understanding increases financial prudence and enhances decision-making.
• Buy Now Pay Later: ZayZoon provides a debt-free alternative to Buy-Now-Pay-Later schemes such as Afterpay.