Free yourself from payday

Use ZayZoon to get your wages as you earn them
Avoid late bill payments, overdraft fees and payday loans

Earnings, instantly!

ZayZoon gives you easy access your wages early.

Log in to your computer or phone or launch the ZayZoon App. Select the amount you need, nominate your bank account, and your wages are yours!

Your funds are sent directly to you when you need them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and all you pay is a $5 flat-fee. There's nothing else.


There's lots to

Wages, in seconds.

ZayZoon is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We use Visa the OSKO rails platform to get money to you in near real time.

Say goodbye to debt & interest

We charge a flat fee and your accessing you own wages, so you're smoothing your cashflow without taking on additional debt.

Increase your financial control

Our overdraft predictor, low-balance notifications and spend insights, give you greater control of your finances.

Trusted and Secure

Data security is critical to us. We're trusted by some of the world's biggest brands and we're ISO27001 certified for information security.

How ZayZoon works

Sign Up

Sign up to ZayZoon through your employer

Register & Create an Account

Confirm your employment, upload your ID and input your bank account details

Account Confirmation

Automated approval occurs within minutes

Take an Advance

Funds are transferred instantly into bank accounts. Each transfer costs the employee a $5 flat fee

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Smart Prediction  —


Employees opt-in to connect a bank account to ZayZoon
ZayZoon’s AI and machine algorithms interpret spending and budgeting habits, then provides advice on optimal budgeting, spending and how to avoid unnecessary fees.

Spending Categorisation
Real-time feedback on spending habits and smart suggestions to reduce expenditure and help mitigate fees

Overdrawn Prediction
Provides guidance and feedback on spending patterns to help avoid overdraft fees and low balance bank fees

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Improve your finances and improve yourself

Financial Literacy and Self-Development

    • Improve your financial literacy and wellness
    • Gain greater control of your finances
    • Become financially stable and more independent
    • Develop key financial habits
    • Achieve your goals effectively

See what our users say about ZayZoon

The first time I used ZayZoon I wasdesperate to pick up some much needed medication that's critical to my health and can'tbe missed...I signed up and immediately received enough funds to pick up my prescription. I was in tears, I was so grateful I saw that sign about your service. A literal life saver that dafor me. My next payday was 6 days away and there would have been serious implications for my health without this advance."

Dena M.

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