ZayZoonUni has been designed to improve the financial literacy and wellness of all staff members of an organization. The courses progress in learning levels through to more complex courses on financial management, budgeting and investing.

ZayZoon Uni

Financial Literacy Enables Financial Health

Simple steps that improve the financial, physical and psychological health of your employees lead to higher rates of engagement, greater productivity, lower turnover and general employee well-being and happiness.

ZayZoonUni has developed over 100 courses featuring more than 500 videos, audio files, and downloadable assets. Staff-level courses are focused on the wellbeing of individual staff members. Management level courses are designed to help senior members of the organization improve their skills and understanding of how to evolve their executive development.

Course Categories:

  • Budgeting & Savings
  • Financial Management & Investing
  • Management & Leadership
  • General Wellness & Self Improvement

Management & Leadership Throughout the Organisations

Organisations need strong management and leadership at each level of the organisation. ZayZoonUni brings together leadership and management materials in one place.

Flexible Course Content

Flexible course content and learning paths and customised playlists tailored for specific organisational needs.

Seamless Navigation

Clear and organised learning paths and navigation to match learning rates and capabilities of individual users. 

Engaging Information

Carefully selected content and information to ensure engagement and understanding at all levels of learning. 

Access from Anywhere

Accessible from any PC or mobile with assets that can be downloaded for use when not online on when internet coverage is poor.

Course Categories

Budgeting & Savings

The introductory courses on budgeting and savings have been made to suit those people who are new to financial management. Simple concepts are developed into practical actions.

Courses include:

  • Seven Second Savings
  • Smart Shopping Tips
  • 50-30-20 Rule
  • Financial Rules of Thumb

Finances & Investment

The courses progress in learning levels through to more complex courses on financial management, budgeting and investing.

Courses include:

  • Long Term Investing
  • Personal Loan Types
  • Types of Home Loans in Australia
  • Understanding Depreciation

Management & Leadership

The Management and Leadership courses are designed to provoke thought amongst senior members of staff on how they can improve their executive capabilities. 
Courses include:
The Qualities of High Performers
The Art of Negotiation
The Characteristics of High Performance
Managing Up

General Wellbeing & Health

ZayZoonUni also has courses that discuss and target general wellbeing and health. These move away from pure finance but provide techniques on general health and self-awareness.

Courses Include:

  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • The Neuroscience of Work
  • Practical Ways to Improve Yoursel